You need more than “just a logo”. You need a Brand Identity.

“I just need a logo.” – said a client that prefers to remain anonymous.

In fact it was more than one. It’s quite a common thought amongst business owners, actually.

But they are wrong. Let me tell you why…

The logo is very important. But it’s not enough.

The logo should identify and be the primary visual representation of a brand. It’s often one of the first things a prospecting client sees – and we know how important first impressions are, right? – but if the first glance lingers on… you’ll need more than just a logo!

You need a Brand Identity.

The Brand Identity is vital for the business’ success, playing a super important role in matchmaking brands with ideal customers. It extrapolates the visuals and defines the positioning. It tells the story and makes the audience crave to be a part of it. When done right, it supports both the business goals and the customer experience in every touch-point.

A strong and complete Brand Identity should have:

• Name;

• Color Palette;

• Typography System;;

• Logo;

• Custom Patterns;

• Photography Style;

• Other Design Elements;

• Brand Style Guide.

Your Brand Identity is not just your logo. It’s more than that. And it’s essential to engage your audience, shape their perception and give them a memorable experience. To make them fall in love with your brand, allowing your business to thrive.

That’s how your customers will have a genuine and aligned connection with your brand. That’s how you can leverage a value-sharing community to boost sales and take your business to the next level.

My signature process – The Brand Recipe – joins Creative Strategy + Logo & Brand Identity Design and it suits startups and seasoned brands, contributing towards solving the challenges of launching or rebranding a business.

Want to find out how Creative Strategy & Brand Identity Design can help your brand?

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