Why I decided to start a blog

Looking back a few years or even a few months – hell, a few weeks! – I never thought about starting a blog. I’m not a writer. I’m a designer. Why should I write?

Growing up, I was never a reader either. I tried to avoid even those must-read school books. Stories in other formats always seemed a lot more captivating and reading was definitely not a hobby.

Recently, I not only started to read every day – books about design, creativity, business, sales, entrepreneurship… – but I also felt the need to explore this new path. And if I’m coming out of my comfort zone, I’m doing it with my feet together: reading and writing in my second language.

In BEN & PAPER I’ll be sharing my experiences, thoughts, struggles and accomplishments as Brand Identity Designer.

But why? What ‘s the point? What am I trying to accomplish?

Am I trying to evolve by exploring an unfamiliar route?

Am I trying to organize my thoughts and learn from them?

Am I trying to help someone who might relate to my experiences?

Am I trying to create my own safe space to let off steam and speak at ease?

Am I trying to improve or prove myself?

I’m not sure yet. But I’m doing it anyway. And when I find out, I’ll let you know.

I’m also not sure how to sign-off these posts, so…


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