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Red Flag Alert!!! Can it turn into something good?

It’s a common topic among creatives: red flags and nightmare clients.

How to spot them? How to deal with them? How to avoid them?


You need more than “just a logo”. You need a Brand Identity.

The logo is very important. It’s often the first thing prospecting clients see. But it’s not enough.

If the first glance lingers on… you’ll need more than just a logo! You need a Brand Identity.


Question your way up and surface the answer

The client already knows the answer but needs help to see it clearly. We should not deliver the answer, we should help to surface it.

This is how I did that for Maria Lains’ project.


What defines a brand?

When launching or managing a business, creating or repositioning a brand, it’s essential to understand what defines the brand.

There are multiple components, but there’s one that stands out.