A real AHA! moment that makes you smile when you remember it

Most of us think about AHA! moments as when you learn or understand an idea for the first time. When someone else says it and you realize you’ve never thought of it in that way. When you search for something and find a new answer.

Perhaps an AHA! moment isn’t exactly that…

When I was sketching for the Oitavo Andar Brand Identity project. (it means “Eight Floor”), I was trying to explore the interconnection of the two initial letters (O+A) to create the number Eight. I knew I would get there. My goal was clear: to design a lettermark that could have a secondary responsive version highlighting the number Eight which would also be standing out in the main version. I was sure I could do it. So sure it seemed that I already knew how and that I was experimenting to remember, not to discover.

At a certain point, between scribbles and sketches, ideas and attempts, it came to me. A real AHA! moment. I immediately smiled because I knew this was it.

The connection could be made between the final letter O (instead of the same initial letter) in Oitavo (“Eighth”) and the initial letter A in Andar (“Floor”), creating the number Eight.

Did I find that out at that moment? Or did I just remember it?

Did my mind diagnose the solution? Or did it express what I already knew?

Oprah Winfrey says that “the AHA! isn’t somebody teaching you something; the AHA! is somebody helping you to remember.”

I am inclined to agree because I think that, somehow, in this case, I was helping myself to remember. I already knew the solution I was searching for. I found it, but I didn’t discover it then. It was a real AHA! moment. I already knew it and I finally remembered it.

Oitavo Andar is a platform to market Selected Properties in Portugal

“You can’t have an AHA! unless you already knew it.” – Oprah Winfrey

Do you agree?

I’m still not sure how to sign-off these posts, so…


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